Axl – Jun 15, at Friday, March 20, 4: Or simply restart laptop. I think I may have pressed the function key and one other that stopped my function keys from working. Tuesday, April 20, 5: I went into services trying to get some pesky things to stop running in the background of my system and must have messed with this one by accident. Report Respond to joaopedrosul.

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Anirudh – May 29, at Thanks, I will see what I sony vaio fn key do, I think I tried it once, maybe it will magically start working!! Why is the Vaio update not working? John – Aug 6, at Hello, I formatted my vaio laptop.

Why is my control key not working in my keyboard? This does not explain why they stopped working to start with. That will teach me not to disable random processes.

View all 6 comments. Tuesday, April 20, 5: I have the same problem sound and brightness are suddenly no longer adjustable but I have a ASUS though, will this help me too?

What can I do if my VAIO function keys are not working? – Quora

Thanks for sharing and helping! This sort of worked for me. I even spoke to sony “techs” through live chat and they weren’t able to fix it. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

I am loking forward to your help. Finally I found a site that gave me the solution, even though it wasn’t vn for this model. Hardware Ask a question Report.

My problem happened after a virus clean-up. The next step is very important: Sign in to vote.

VAIO User Guide | Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key

Friday, March 14, 4: They each are in their own folders and have their own setup wizard. Sunday, July 23, Saturday, May 17, 6: Report Respond to Mike. After following these steps gn function keys worked properly, like they sony vaio fn key before re-installing windows. Any ideas as i am a presenter and really need my F7 and F4 buttons to work.

Everything was working fine except for the function keys. I have found this on ebay, followed and solved my problem!!!

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Just make sure you are logged in as administrator and have the user account control turned off. Ask a question Report.

BossierGooch – Apr 25, at Just in case, have an Sony vaio fn key mouse and keyboard laying around. I just had a user comes to me with his Sony Vaio with the same problem. I am writing this guide to help people looking for information on setting up the ‘Hotkeys’ on various Sony Vaio laptops.

Mgriff I used your suggestion and worked like charm.