I did all of the above, except the last one because I do not have Torx driver and my computer still does not print. I have been using a folded up piece of cardboard to fill up the gap and keep the cartrige in place.. I try to print to another printer ex. I think the problem is from the sensor to stop the motor rotator. It was my tri-color cartridge that needed replacing.

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I finally found this and it worked: You have to feed it down into the track and flip it back over. HP has published a security bulletin with patches for these issues and a list of impacted systems.

HP PSC 2110 All-in-One Ink Cartridges

The printer carriage moves to the left, there is lots of clicking then thump as the carriage seems to jam psc211 the left side. I had the same problem. They come from the scanner.

I cleaned it and everything works. I cleaned my glass and realigned my mirror and no more clicking. My problem is that my printer stays on BUSY hp psc2110 all in one, it says to align cartridges, press enter. Try resetting it several times, if no luck clean the glass both sides, clean and lightly oil the scanner shaft while your at it.

I reinstalled the jn.

HP PSC All-in-One Specs – CNET

The result was that upon reassembling and turning on, the scanner did the whole “bang head against wall” thing. I cleaned my mirrors. Is anyone have same experience?

I’ve done this several times with the same results. Sending by piecemeal, on dial up connection, hp psc2110 all in one not viable. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the reseller that sold the product. The scanner does not move and so the aligning does not ever finish.

The error message says ‘paper jam’ but nothing is stuck. After searching all day I found That this is a very common problem that HP wont acknowlege. Time to return the favor. The next morning, I switched it on, the message “setup” then “initialising” flashed on hp psc2110 all in one screen then lal turned itself off.

This just happened when I changed the ink cartridge. Europe, Middle East, Africa. HP has eliminated support for Windows 98 and ME. Asia Pacific and Oceania. After extensive disassembly I found that the printer heads and their carriage move to and fro, and also pivot, on the horizontal hp psc2110 all in one and there is an “ear” on the back of the carriage that extends into a channel at rear top of the frame.

That is what I need help for.

HP PSC All-in-One Software / Driver Driver – TechSpot

This page requires Javascript. I believe the scanner determines it’s home position by detecting something on the glass. I do so and it prints out the instructions and the alignment page.

Unfortunately, it only initialized once after that. Kne to determine warranty status. This is now printing on everything I print even emails. This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.