It would have been more versatile too — the sort of thing you could use in the office or on the road, in a hotel room. The battery life of the Iconia W will vary depending on the screen brightness and how hard you make the CPU work Web sites with Flash elements can make the CPU work a lot, for example , but we found it to be very good. Acer’s Iconia WG12as is a well-designed piece of technology that is fairly light despite a screen size of The added HDMI means you can connect it to an external monitor so you’d have no idea you were using a tablet at all. By itself, it’s innocuous enough, if chunky for anyone that’s used to an iPad.

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In acer iconia w700 Windows 8 UI view, everything scales fine, but going back to the desktop view is hard on the eyes. Add a keyboard to it and you could also acer iconia w700 it as a regular laptop w070 undertake content creation and media encoding tasks. You don’t get any slots for SD cards, nor do you get a full-sized video out port built in although a VGA dongle is supplied.

But aver difference do a few ounces make when the entire form factor borders on absurd? The colors look crisp and the acer iconia w700 angle is great. Acer iconia w700 comes very close to the ideal of K. Using the tablet with several people is icomia problem. This may look small in a laptop but it is big for a tablet.

Either a corresponding USB stick or another mobile device that can share its connection, e. One thing’s for sure, though: Pros Great screen Well built Very good performance.

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This helps if you just want to just use the tablet as a acer iconia w700 on which to watch videos, and it also comes in very handy if you want to turn the tablet into a ‘desktop’ computer.

But some of acer iconia w700 colleagues have been less impressed, and they’re not entirely wrong. If anything, as we said, we just wish Acer went with a keyboard dock instead of a separate cradle that you acer iconia w700 to assemble icoonia time you set acer iconia w700 acee somewhere. However, while you do get a lot for your money, we’d recommend the Core i5 version if you want a rich Windows experience. With so much space along the sides, and with such a solid chassis, we think Acer has missed an opportunity to create a tablet with a more useful set of built-in connections that most Windows users would put to good use.

An add-on mouse or touch pad is practically required for serious use, especially as Windows 8 is, hype ifonia, still not a fully satisfying tablet-only experience.

We do appreciate the built-in dual-band Wi-Fi though, and there are also two cameras installed without a flash. Pretty impressive when acer iconia w700 remember that other companies, like Samsung and Microsoft, are still selling the keyboard separately for acer iconia w700 or all of their configurations.

The autofocusing, 5-megapixel camera seems to home in on subjects a bit faster than other tablets we’ve used recently, such as the Samsung ATIV Smart PC.

The whole thing is ugly too, but that’s almost beside the point. iconnia

Acer Iconia W review: Laptop power in a tablet package – CNET

Also, the p resolution is overkill for an The only restriction is that the data is available for just 30 days and is acer iconia w700 after that. Suffice to say, it feels well-built, which makes sense, as the casing is fashioned entirely out of aluminum. To be fair, it’s about as thick as the W The few interfaces of Acer’s Iconia W are clearly arranged.

After unboxing the W and putting the cradle w70 together, we didn’t think we were going to like it very much. Acer iconia w700 Gorilla Glass does give off some reflections, but we didn’t find this to be too bad, especially when the screen brightness was turned all the way up. I would recommend this device for families and small businesses who want one safe place to store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, icoina, business partners, or customers.

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Acer Iconia W G12as. Acer therefore rightfully claims a super-fast system and the tablet’s touted wake-up time of 1. This acer iconia w700 not change in battery mode either. Acer iconia w700 Cloud suppliers offer their customers a limited capacity for free and charge a steep price for additionally required storage. The IPS screen’s viewing angle stability is perfect. The virtual Windows 8 keyboard aacer clearly arranged and responds without delay as usual.