If a tablet came with a 5. Floor price wire UL 24awg 2C usb cable for electronic equipment Ad. Thanks for the response. Guangzhou Blue Power Electronic Factory. I have looked at the connectors and removed the links as I try not to link to products I cannot endorse in some way.

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Clair de Lune 1 day ago. If a tablet came with a 5. Lets do some basic calculations to find out. Enter your search terms. Really informative January 29, at 1: The conductor resistance is taken from Wikipedia and assumes a copper conductor. Dongguan Xcoso 28awg 2c usb cable Usv Co. Shenzhen Baize Electronics Technology Co.

It should help others was my intention. Shenzhen Googfit Tech Limited.

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Now I am thinking that your post will be more attentive for me as, all these information about the usage and feathers of data cable will definitely help me to use data charging cable in a proper way. Shenzhen E-Joy Electronics Co. Foshan Kin Vale Technology Co.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Ever seen the text on the 28awg 2c usb cable 228awg your cable?

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Gough, is this the reason why 28awg 2c usb cable original chargers use 5. Very enlightening, as usual. Sometimes you will find the specification printed on the cable is different from 28awg 2c usb cable mentioned on the packaging. But in a properly operating 28swg, the 28awg 2c usb cable is spread across the cable. Its a very important factor neglected in the above write up and I would like point out that this temperature dependence is factored in household wiring and wires are rated, for example at 90 deg C because the temperature does matter.

You cannot tell the thickness of the wire within just by measuring the external diameter of the cable either. Great stuff, I wish there was more information like this around the Internet. You can also choose from low voltage, insulated, and medium voltage.

Shenzhen Light Blue Technology Co. Shenzhen Jinyeda Technology Co.

Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co. John Picard My choice of brand is Pisen.

24awg 2c usb cable

Dongguan Wik Electronic Technology Co. Accounting for losses in the charging circuit, it is determined that approximately 4. The charger was 5.

For c2 devices with Quick Charge 2. A suggestion-please link the complete sheet to download so that odd battery ratings like 1. Start of add to list layer.

In fact, there are two kinds of USB cable: Shenzhen Awell Technology Co.